Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Pursuit of Reality

I was once told, “If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. What so wrong about working in the first place? I wish I were told, “If you work really hard and smart, you’ll never be in want a day in your life. You may be overwhelmed with work, tried and pulled in so many directions, but you’ll find fulfillment in ways you can never imagine.
Anything worth doing should be done well. In order to do anything well, there must be a significant amount of stress in your life. I recently watched a Ted Talk about the benefits of stress and the summary of the talk was, “Stress becomes courage, when you consciously acknowledge the fact that it’s a health part of the human experience”.
So stop looking for what you’re passionate about, jumping from one thing to another. Stop being confused as hell, while your mates are married with kids.
List down your priorities in life and state them proudly, because being honest with oneself is the best thing you can do for yourself. Ask yourself if you are willing to go hungry for your passion. Also ask yourself if you’re willing to sacrifice your family’s comfort and security for your passion. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about something, but passion might not be enough to put food on the table and send your kids to school.
So if you’re in your 20’s, (PS. There’s still hope for you if you’re not), stop spending all your time trying to find yourself. Find yourself, but don’t let it consume you, because you have an entire lifetime to figure yourself out. Start being productive and pick yourself up from whatever ill mode that consumes you because we are all uncertain and confused we just got better at hiding our insecurities.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dear Church Folk and Other Seekers

Hi, I don’t know if you remember me, anyway I've been reading your timeline, tweets, snap chats and watching your YouTube videos and it's really interesting that you've come to the point where you've had enough of the 'nonsense'. I've gone through this stage, even though it wasn't extreme and I never label myself as an atheist, I would call myself an open minded seeker. I just had to ask questions. I know you have this urgent need to expose the 'phonies', and call it as it is, but you seem a bit vindictive. It's painful thinking about how the Word of God was used to make us do whatever they wanted, the contradictions, the battle between right and wrong. The guilt, don't get me started on the guilt, the sense of duty versus what actually has to be done, lol. After my moment of self-awareness, I didn't blame religion or anyone, I blamed myself. I still believe in God. But the funny thing about this white supremacy thing is, atheism is kinda like Christianity when we worshiped deities.
I've learnt to keep on seeking and reaching knowing that my relationship with God isn't dependent on any man or institution. P.s, I commend you for your bravery; don't let hate and resentment be the driving force of this journey to self-enlightenment, the joy of self-realization should be your driving force. God bless

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Great Illusionist

Life is a garden, God the gardener and owner of our individual gardens which he gives to us. God places little exciting treasures like Easter eggs, potted plants, beautiful vases and ornaments. They always blend with our gardens, so we don’t really notice them, but when we do, we ask ourselves, why we didn’t notice it all along. Oprah calls these little moments Ah Ha moments and that’s the perfect way to describe them. I discovered one recently.
Like Magic, Beauty and Perfection are both illusions that only become real based on how good you are as an Illusionist. We must master this, take hold of it and never let it go. It’s draws people in, while the real work is done without their prying eyes. It’s done effortlessly, with precision and a lot of practice. People might laugh, stare and wonder, why you’re feeling yourself these days, but if you do this well enough, with sleepless nights, tears and hunger, you will find perfection and no one would ever question your powers. So do your squats and don’t let boys be mean to you. Suck in that belly and wear that corset because Lord knows that, even BeyoncĂ© wears six pantyhose to keep everything nice and tight.
Watch that makeup tutorial on YouTube and contour like a pro, because even Starlets look like monsters without makeup (Charlie Thereon). Read that book and go for that seminar, because having an intelligent conversation actually requires you to have something intelligent to say. Don’t you dare let anyone hear you cry or see your massacre running; we have pillows and water proof makeup for a reason. Pray, confide and complain to God, because we can’t have silly bitches saying shit about us.
The beautiful thing about great illusionist is the fact that only the great ones would see the flaw and get the trick. It might take time but you’ll definitely find like-minded souls who take pride in their craft. They may be lovers or friends but never friends with benefits, because those things don’t exist. The fun thing about being a great illusionist is finding a great partner to put on the most magnificent shows with.