Sunday, 7 December 2014


Walking down the street with my head phones plugged in, Frank Ocean’s wisdom blasting through my ear drums and it hits me so strong.
I walk down this narrow road with a smile on my face because…
1.     I have the ability to heal
2.     I am beyond my human relationships
3.     Virginity is overrated
4.     Laws are created for the poor alone
5.     The world is grey, very grey
6.     Spirituality is peace
7.     Religion is similar to the law
8.     Love is beautiful, a beautiful life source
9.     Ours paths are different and that’s okay
10.      One’s life should never be centered on a single human being
11.      Finding yourself is a beautiful thing
12.      Knowing yourself at a young age is a beautiful gift from God
13.      Being one’s friend is the first step to happiness
14.      Materialism is 21st century slavery
15.      Hash tags and selfies are stupid
16.      A selfie is the evidence of a self-absorbed society
17.      The need for human contact isn’t a sign of weakness but proof that you’re still alive
18.      Chasing money is like chasing the wind
19.      Self-expression is a necessity
20.      Water is underrated
21.      Arguments are fundamental for a healthy relationships
22.      A bra is a clever form of female oppression
23.      Hard work circulates the blood, clearing out your head
24.      The ability to run is a fabulous gift from God
25.      Counting your blessings helps with perspective
26.      The ability to be alone is the first step to becoming your own friend
27.      Ain’t nobody got time for self-pity
28.      Fighting really hard for a friendship when you’re not fighting alone is worth it
29.      Finding a movie or series that speaks to you is bliss
30.      We all need something to believe in no matter what
31.      Right and wrong becomes harder to define when you start having sense
32.      Right and wrong becomes easier to define when you become really wise
33.      Not watching funny videos on instagram is hazardous to your health
34.      Crying is a form of cleanse or purge, don’t let people see you, but cry when you need to
35.      Following your passion is important but working hard is really important
36.     The Word of God is to the soul, what manure is to the soil
37.      Centering on a person you love is silly
38.      Centering on a someone you hate is foolishness
39.      Learning stuff is fun
40.      Structures and self-discipline gives you a destination
41.      There is no such thing as loneliness
42.      Principles are fundamental
43.      Everyone has the right to understand their environment
44.      Being honest with oneself is the first step to fixing oneself
45.      Hate is stupidity in the highest degree
46.      Taking pride in everything you do no matter how degrading it may be, would always make you shine
47.      There are different types of intelligence
48.      Forcing someone to love you is completely stupid
49.      Admiration is allowed but don’t worship anyone
50.      We are all handicapped in some way or the other
51.      We are never meant to be whole on our own
52.      Being yourself would bring you one step closer to your other half
53.      There is always a new problem to be solved everyday
54.      Balance is beauty
55.      No one fully practices their religion, because we are imperfect
56.      Friendships are important
57.      Knowing your shit would get you lots and lots of ass
58.      Forgiving yourself makes it much more easier to move forward
59.      Carrying someone on your head is silly
60.      Trying to sound smart makes you sound stupid
61.      Self-expression is necessary
62.      Finding someone that gets you is a privilege
63.      History is fundamental in human development
64.      Being inspired by someone is God saying, hey you’re special
65.      Losing a friendship shouldn’t cripple you but make you stronger
66.      No one knows you more than you know yourself
67.      People only help you figure out what you already know
68.      Becoming a well of knowledge, a place you can draw strength from is the best thing you can do for yourself, especially as a woman
69.      Focus is key
70.      Too much down time turns you into a walking waste bag
71.       Control over one’s mind is the key to success
72.       Everyone has a religion, atheism is a religion J
73.      Making someone your source of joy is retarded
74.      Going to  church doesn’t make you a saint and practicing debauchery doesn’t make you a sinner
75.      We can learn the most profound life lessons from the most unexpected people
76.      Everyone is just as messed up as you, even more so, they just have a better way of covering up their fuck ups
77.      Being healthy is beyond the physical
78.      Exercise destroys you and builds you
79.      When all is said and done, cuddling is fucking awesome
80.      Pity is wrong!
81.      Exposure is awesome
82.      Music is food to the soul
83.      We should never give up on our quest for enlightenment
84.      We should never take our support system for granted
85.      Doing the “wrong thing” might not be so bad
86.      When someone you don’t like is concerned about your personal health, you begin to start understanding what God feels like
87.      Sometimes people don’t just know better
88.      Someone not liking you isn’t the end of the world
89.      Praying to God and not trying to do it all on your know is the way to go
90.      Thinking about your future and working towards it is the best thing you can do for yourself.
91.      Running away from God because humans messed up Christianity for you is silly
92.      Trying to get someone to tell you who you are, is like chasing the wind
93.      Too much openness and exposure is bad for you
94.      Living in regret and blaming others is a complete waste of time
95.      Prioritizing and setting standards stops you from wasting time
96.      Any form of connection with God keeps you alive
97.      The mistakes of other doesn’t give us the right to make our known mistakes
98.      Speaking ill of others doesn’t make you a better person
99.      Loving someone doesn’t mean you’re attracted to that person and being attracted to someone doesn’t mean you’re in love with that person
100.                         Fear is overrated

Sometimes we need to ask certain questions in life, or simple rules to live by. We go to people who have good intentions but aren’t perfect, people who don’t know everything under the sun. There is nothing wrong with getting good counsel once in a while, but we should always remember that we are wells of knowledge, just waiting to be explored and drawn out of. Anytime you have questions or need advice, be still, pray to God and the answers would come pouring out of you.

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